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Packaging Innovations Show 2024
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Wipak UK

Taylex group, were busy once again at the Packaging Innovations Show this year with several stands at the 2024 show, one of which is this great sustainably built project working in partnership with IDM for their client Wipak.

“I just wanted to thank you and the team again for the fantastic job on the stand build. It really does look amazing and Wipak are over the moon with it, and they’ve had a few enquiries during the show about who designed and built the stand.” – Jay, IDM.

In collaboration with IDM Design, Taylex Group crafted the stand with eco-certified materials, reducing waste to lessen its environmental impact. Showcasing Wipak’s latest sustainable packaging solutions, the stand captivated visitors.

This partnership with IDM Design reinforced our bond with Wipak, highlighting the power of collaboration in both the packaging industry and the exhibition world.

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