Since starting as an apprentice for Taylex Displays 6 weeks ago, one of my tasks has been to write a blog every 3 months… So here it is.

I am currently working as a junior designer for Taylex Displays and now that I’ve been working here for a while, I have seen some of the projects come in as mere ideas and I have seen them leave as finished articles. One of which was a stand for a company called Hella UK. They sent us their brief which explains when and where the exhibition is, how big their exhibition stand space is going to be and how long the show lasts for. That tells us the fundamental details of the stand we are to design, they then go on to explain any other design requests they have to achieve their marketing goal for the exhibition. By the end of the brief you know all of the necessities that they need on the exhibition stand. After that it is left to us to develop a stand design which we can present back to the client for their feedback.

We were also doing another exhibition stand for a different company called Pro-Align, who were also exhibiting at the same event. I was involved heavily in the allocation and drawing of the graphics for this exhibition stand. First of all; getting the images which were sent over form the clients. Then using CAD/CAM software to place it onto the 3D representation and sending it back for the clients’ opinion. Once they had seen the drawings and accepted them, I then was able to move onto the sizing of the vinyls. I had to make sure that the graphic areas were the correct size so that as I dropped the image onto the surface, they did not distort or become pixelated. Once all of the faces were sized properly, everything was then ready to be finalised.

I did the vinyl printing for both of the stands, which involves transferring the drawings to another computer and sending them through to the plotter. (Which is a big printer effectively) at which point the plotter sends a small blade over the vinyl material and cuts through it leaving the desired shaped vinyls behind. After that, all I had to do was go around and remove the excess vinyl, leaving the finished products there, ready to be wrapped and sent off. Not long after the vinyls had been sent off, the stands had been assembled and graphics were applied. The next day Vicki and I then went to the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC where both of the stands were being unveiled, this is where I got my first sight of what the finished articles were going to look like. We both then had a look around the rest of the show at what sort of companies were there exhibiting, but also at the kind of designs that we were seeing. Which helped a lot when it came to further designs as I had so much more inspiration because I knew how some ideas looked in the flesh. Whether they looked good in person or just as a concept.

If you would like to know more about what we do here at Taylex Displays, then feel free to email us at: [email protected] and we’ll be sure to answer any questions you may have.