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Video Production

We create remarkable video concepts to bring your brand story to life!

Why do you need Video Production in your Marketing Mix?

Video marketing has never been as popular as it is today for both brands and consumers. Video is fast becoming the most effective ways for brands to reach their audiences and engage consumers.

Consumers trust visual content, Infact over two thirds of consumers have bought into a product or service at an exhibition or online as a direct result of watching a video content. Video content quite simply influences your buyers decisions.

As buyers and consumers continue to want video content for inspiration, information and entertainment, your brand needs to ensure that it is creating content in the medium that your audiences demand.


The complete video package for your marketing

Taylex’s video production services include every element of video marketing, from concept and production, through to creation and distribution.

Our creative team of specialists, designers, videographers and animators will create amazing and compelling narratives that are designed to deliver the message that you want your audience to see.

As marketing specialists, we have a proven track record in ensuring that branded content is seen by the people that matter and in the right way to represent your brand. Using a proven mix of owned, earned and paid media, we can ensure that your message is seen by the right people, amplified by the biggest influencers and is distributed to the right places at the right time.

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