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Vestre Van

For over 75 years, Vestre has been dedicated to crafting social meeting places that foster human connection. As one of Scandinavia’s foremost producers of sustainable urban furniture, they champion the creation of inviting spaces where people can gather and interact.

When Vestre sought to enhance their outreach to architects and potential customers, they turned to Taylex Group for a solution. Our task was to transform a van into a mobile showroom/office space, facilitating visits to architects’ offices and project sites.

Embodying Vestre’s distinctive Scandinavian design ethos, we undertook a comprehensive overhaul of the van’s interior. This included the installation of wooden panelling, material samples for client review, wooden bench seating with additional storage, and swivel front seats for versatility. Illuminated ceiling strips and a prominent Vestre logo adorned the interior walls, while ample space was allocated for hanging additional material samples.

Vestre - Van Fit-out & Vehicle Wrap - Taylex Group
Vestre - Van Fit-out & Vehicle Wrap - Taylex Group

What we did

Externally, the van underwent a striking transformation with a full-body wrap featuring Vestre’s clean and illustrative artwork. This branding initiative extended to the addition of a wind-out awning, enhancing the van’s functionality by creating an inviting outdoor space for events and engagements.

Through meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, Taylex Group brought Vestre’s vision to life, seamlessly merging functionality with Scandinavian aesthetics in this innovative mobile showroom.

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