When exhibiting at a trade show, how can you be sure your stand attracts plenty of interest?

As experienced event and exhibition specialists, Taylex Displays offer some simple tips for using the latest event technology to enhance your exhibition stand.

Not only should your display look great, it should provide an interactive space for your visitors to engage with your brand and products. To ensure you make an impact, you should be incorporating the latest event technology into your displays as technologies and trends continue to evolve.

What Types Of Interactive Media Should I Be Incorporating Into My Exhibition Stand?

Immersive Technology

Augmented Reality (AR) is a fully interactive experience that combines both computer-generated and real-world environments to create a unique and exciting presentation tool.

Augmented Reality builds a 360 reconstruction that can be explored freely, making it an ideal tool for bringing your products to life and showing them in use.

Virtual Reality (VR) takes things up a notch by allowing you the freedom to create your very own immersive environments. Using VR technology and headsets, your visitors can experience something truly unique in the 3D world.

Virtual Reality is known for increasing levels of footfall to exhibition stands and provides visitors with a unique and memorable experience. Using immersive technology also increases your chances of standing out against competitors and being remembered long after the event has passed.

Engaging Video

Video content is ideal for conveying information in an appealing and digestible way.

Whether you are selling a product or a service, a high quality interactive video is popularly used as a successful sales tool. Videos are also ideal for capturing the attention of visitors by giving you the perfect opportunity to talk about your brand and answer any questions. Some venues may be too loud to accommodate video with sound, if this is the case make sure to supply plenty of headphones.

Touchscreen devices such as iPads can also drastically increase visitor engagement, so make sure to consider using relevant games, animation and informative video content that best suits your objectives.

Mobile Apps

Bespoke mobile apps can provide a complete resource for everything and anything related to your exhibition.

Those that regularly attend exhibitions may be familiar with some of the many event apps readily available and the levels of impact they can provide. Creating a bespoke web app is a great way to engage with your current and potential customers before, during and after the exhibition has taken place. Users can access exclusive information, real time updates, exhibit stand location, and offers easily using a mobile device. Apps can also provide social media integration and maximise your marketing efforts.

Social Media

Whether your a social media whizz or new to the game, social media is a leading marketing tool with huge potential.

A well constructed social media campaign can have a huge impact on the success on an event. For the majority of event exhibitors, social media is the best platform to promote an upcoming event and engage with exhibitors and attendees. Promoting an event on social media can increase the number of visitors on the day, and bring awareness to your brand, services and products.

If you decide to incorporate an interactive social media wall into your exhibition, it is very important to have a successful social media strategy in place and keep all marketing materials relevant.

Displaying your social media content and live updates on multiple screens creates an eye catching visual for those walking by your exhibition stand. Live social media updates are great for attracting attention to your stand. Why not use an event hashtag to encourage visitors to post, follow and join in with your social activity.

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