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Santa’s Grotto – 2023

Once again, Taylex Group has had the pleasure of creating the Kingfisher shopping centre’s very own Santa’s Grotto. From the 24th of November until Christmas Eve, guests have had the opportunity to enjoy a special experience, perfect for the whole family.

This year, the enchanting experience guides visitors through a themed ‘Christmas Tree Farm,’ where children can plant a magic bean in the Potting Station. Once potted, guests can enter our cosy grotto, where they meet the one and only Santa Claus! Children can place their pot in ‘Santa’s Magical Growing Chamber’ and watch as it transforms into a fully grown, miniature Christmas tree! Collect a present before heading to the Decoration Station to personalise your new miniature tree.

Our in-house design and technical team crafted a graphical treatment and walling with lighting effects to establish the environment and house the experience. Each year, this installation becomes even more impressive!

Taylex Group - Santas Grotto 2023

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