Undoubtedly, exhibitions and events are a dynamic medium of marketing. In a short span of time, they succeed in bringing together hundreds and thousands of buyers, local and international. While you can argue that there are umpteen ways and as many sources available if you are hunting for suppliers and products, there is nothing quite like an exhibition or trade fair. An exhibition not only brings all the major players in the industry together but allows visitors to view a large number of products under one roof. The visitor is then able to compare and evaluate them. He can even interact with the staff at the exhibition, thereby addressing his concerns.

So why does a person visit an exhibition in the first place when the internet provides unlimited access to information? Read on and find out.

Learning about things that are trending

Exhibitions and events are a great avenue if you are looking to find the latest trends and innovations in the concerned industry. Through these events, the visitor gets the chance to absorb the knowledge of innovators through one on one interaction. The event also gives the visitor an insight into which way the product is heading and what the future holds.

It’s all about creative engagement

It is a given that at an art gallery, there is bound to be creative engagement. But trade shows and exhibitions don’t lag far behind as far as a visceral experience is concerned as exhibitors by and large leave no stone unturned in the quest to attract more visitors. The attractions are; colorful banners, pop up stands, engineering that is impressive and technology that is innovative. This creative experience is a big attraction; one that not only inspires the visitors but leaves him panting for more. Exhibitions are becoming more of a draw lately as exhibitors are commissioning artwork installations.

Abundance of networking

In every business, networking is the key; and in an exhibition, the visitor gets the chance to mingle and interact with the global as well as the local market. An event is an ideal place for people who want to share ideas and interact. Through networking, barriers that are sometimes awkward can be broken and the visitor can meet the innovators on a one-to-one basis.

A chance to meet the well-known brands

Normally, it is not possible to meet the giants of an industry in our day to day lives. But things change where exhibitions are concerned. Researchers say that most visitors are looking for new innovators and suppliers and the way to do this to visit an exhibition where they can meet many producers under one roof.

Freebies are a big attraction

Quite a few visitors go to exhibitions to grab all the freebies they can lay their hands on. While they make light conversation with the staff at the stall, their eyes are on the freebies on offer. It all depends on the quality of the exhibition and the organizer’s generosity, but if all goes well, at the end of the day, the visitor is sure to leave the event with a goldmine of goodies.

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-by Karl Clark