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Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, Heinz Beans, and Raleigh Bicycles are all Quintessentially British brands that we have all grown up with and grown to Love. The Latter Raleigh is a brand that has touched all our lives, at some point.

When approached by the Raleigh Marketing and Communications Department, the Taylex team of professionals was honoured to be temporary custodians of a brand with such heritage and customer Loyalty, a relationship was born.

Raleigh Bicycles is now an integral brand within the Accell Group based in the Netherlands and who aspires to be the largest cycle manufacturer in Europe, having some 17 sibling companies, its brand individuality is critical.

The Initial brief was to present Raleigh and group company, Haibike to a “post covid”, UK audience whilst maintaining its 135-year heritage DNA, no small task!

Raleigh Exhibition Stand Build & Design
Raleigh Exhibition Stand Build & Design

What we did

The Taylex team came up with a solution that was both cost-effective and entirely Flexible a “Kit of Parts”, that gave Raleigh a fully customisable solution, and Taylex the tools to produce a “hands On” visitor environment.

Subsequent briefs were eagerly taken by the Taylex design team, the most recent being a “Unique Products” showcase at Alexander Palace. With the introduction of its sister brand “Lapierre”, a specialist French manufacturer of predominantly Urban and Mountain bikes, together with a wide range of associated accessories.

A technology lead product range, coupled with a unique blend of innovation and performance ensures that the modern Raleigh Cycle Company is presently riding High and in “Tandem” with the Taylex Group, secure in the knowledge that a 135year brand heritage, is in safe hands, Team Taylex.

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