Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular exhibition & event stands that help you stand out from the crowd!
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Modular Exhibition Stands

Our robust Modular Exhibition System allows for the simple design and builds of complex branded modular exhibition systems. These systems can be molded to suit any event or exhibition display in any sized space.

Using a vast range of profiles, connectors, tension fabric graphics, LED lights, and accessories our modular systems offer infinite options – all you need is a little imagination, and our design team can certainly provide that. 

Our modular display stand systems can also be recycled, redesigned, and used over and over, making them cost-effective without compromising on the design!

Next Generation

This bespoke modular exhibition stand system encourages versatility and boundless opportunities as a design leader in exhibition stand display design as an alternative to a traditional custom build exhibition stands.

It is completely versatile as it can be adapted to fit any size or shape of exhibition stand space. It is also proven to be the ideal exhibition stand hire option to obtain the maximum benefit, within the resources available to you. It is particularly successful system to utilise when a number of events and international locations are involved in your event marketing strategy.


You can enhance your brand and product display with such features as


  • Over 4m high structures, so that you have the ultimate successful marketing experience at the exhibition or event.
  • ‘Curves in all the right places’ – shapes that are not technically expensive to manufacture thus giving you the design led edge without exceeding budget margins.
  • This system is provided on a hire availability to enhance your exhibition space with a multitude of sizes, shapes, colour range or finishes that can be interchangeable from one exhibition or event to another.
  • A fully project event managed service accompanies this system from conceptual design to installation.
  • Every inch of the stand is brand-able, so you can have graphics to focus your brand or product image or name anywhere and as much as you wish……. It certainly helps communicating any key brand message!