Kawasaki is a leading motorcycle manufacturer and came to Taylex to make a visual impact at MCL Live 2015. They wanted to move away from the common exhibition stand designs and gave us strict branding guidelines to work from. Taylex had to create a stand capable of displaying a large number of bikes, individual displays, showcases to display merchandise and also incorporate a stage for demo’s.

The main attraction on the stand was to be an area to showcase a time line of the 30 year anniversary of the Ninja product line. This area was highlighted using various lighting effects and lighting the main attraction with green LEDs, both on the bike and under the plinth.

The latest LED’s could be found throughout the stand, offering general lighting and also specific lighting to focus on individual bikes. A subtle green wash was used on all areas to highlight the Kawasaki branding, while pin spot LED’s focused on the merchandise in the bespoke showcases.

The stage area showcased Kawasaki TV throughout the show, while purpose built speakers around the stand offered background music and extra volume for their guest speakers.

Next to the main stand Kawasaki wanted to make a big statement, focusing on Team Green. This area was used to showcase the various race categories that the Kawasaki teams are involved with. This area was also home to the merchandise area, shop and Hospitality. This area provided the teams and invited guests a place to rejuvenate during the busy show.

Stunt rider Lee bowers was the star of the Kawasaki stunt arena, teaming up with Lee Musselwhite, experienced flat lander, and showcasing invited guests such as Lee Dunham. This area offerd spectators the chance to see these riders performing up close.

Visit Kawasaki at the MCN motorcycle show in London!