After all the planning and the time invested in your show, if visitors are reluctant to step into your booth, the trade show can turn into your worst nightmare. For many exhibitors, this is a reality they face, after spending oodles on decorating and promoting their stand. However, if the planning is right and enough thought is given to ways in which to attract customers, this need not be the case. Here are some ideas you can use, the next time you have a booth at the trade show.

Touch-screen kiosks

An easy way to integrate interactivity in your stand is by using touch-screen kiosks. These kiosks can be used by you to carry out lead generation surveys. The user can easily scroll through the product catalogs, demonstration videos and a lot more. Gamification videos too can be provided so as to educate your visitors about the benefits of your product. The main advantage of kiosks is that it allows the visitors to take charge and search for information that they are looking for. This is a great tool for interaction with your attendees and often leads to interactive conversation and post exhibition follow-up messaging.

Live streaming advantages

An interesting way to engage your visitors at the show and the people who could not make it is live streaming. You can cast a wide net by live streaming your presentation and your promotion video to the people who are not present at the show. You can ask your employees to register the visitors so that they can have access to the live feed. This can be followed up after the presentation is over.

Interactive games

Interactive games are a big draw at trade shows. A popular game is the prize wheel. The prize wheel is an attractive and colorful tool to draw the maximum number of visitors to your stand by creating a game show environment. While it is definitely important that the visitors enjoy their visit to your stand, it is more important that your brand gets the maximum exposure through the games. If you are thinking of keeping a prize wheel at your next trade show, make sure it is big and colorful with the optimum lighting for that added pizzazz. Have an emcee engage with the people and get them into the mood for a chance at the prize wheel. Apart from the cash rewards and the prizes, be sure to include a grand prize. Slot machines and a roulette wheel are also good options.

Appearances matter

Rather than the staid business suit, it is a good idea to stand out from the crowd with smart uniforms in your brand’s colors. Make sure the logo of your company is large enough so that it can be seen from afar. However, if you prefer business casuals, make sure you color coordinate your team long before the show. The men could probably wear a tie in the color of your brand with a black suit and the women could opt for black pants with a top in the colors of your brand. Don’t forget to coordinate the footwear. After all, it’s all about appearances.

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-by Karl Clark