Taylex 3D Walls

Buy or rent impressive 3D holograms of any size

How do Taylex 3D Walls work?


Taylex 3D Walls are composed of a set of Solo M displays aligned between each other and synced via proprietary software to enable large-size 3D holographic visuals.

This is designed to be a scalable solution – you can combine as many Solo M devices as you need to achieve almost any holographic image size.

  • Standard Wall pre-sets 6/9/12/15/24 or 28 displays: image size from 54’’ to 118’’
  • Custom configuration: any size
  • Unparalleled quality holographic 4K images
  • Have even more impact with audio-enabled 3D holograms
  • Possibility to create interactive user experience using SDK
  • International safety requirements compliance

Taylex Wall Components


Walls are made of multiple Solo M devices, controlled by a MasterBox and proprietary Content Management Software

Solo M Devices

Solo M Devices

Display 3D holographic content in high definition

Master Box

Master Box

Syncs devices in the Wall and enables simultaneous audio output.



Manage devices, content, playback, user permissions and more

See them in Action


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