It is very vital to create an exhibition stall with a wow-factor if you really want to stand out at the trade show. There is no doubt that first impressions count. Irrespective of the superiority of your products or your services, even if your company or organization has a well-trained work force, if the visuals are poor, potential customers are going to shy away from your stand to the one of your competitor. As such, it is essential to strategize and design a stand that will attract as many visitors as possible. Here are some key strategies you need to follow.

An entrance that is splendid and striking

Your brand’s personality is portrayed in the design of your stand. This is one reason why the entrance of your stand is important. The dramatic and impactful stand entrance will attract more visitors to your stand. Add more appeal to the booth by using back-lights to make it stand out.

Correct use of space

Be sure to take full advantage of the space provided. Confirm the dimensions of your booth with the organizers if you are in doubt. There are some exhibitions that have allowance for exhibits that can go up to 20 feet in height. If it is allowed, make full use of this height to maximize impact. This will literally ensure that you are high above your competition. Your logo and signage can be displayed boldly on the backdrop. Here are a few options you can try:

  • Build a central tower
  • Put a rotating sign on a top truss
  • Design an arch for your area of display

To help regulate flow of visitors, it’s best to see to it that there are no barriers or obstructions when they enter the stall. Ensure that meeting areas are relegated to the back of the stand to avoid crowding in the entrance.

The importance of light

Lighting is a necessity; more so when you want to use it as an effective way to increase visitor traffic to your stall and also ensure that the message you want to put across is clearly visible. Basically, light ensures that the displays and the text are clearly seen by visitors. However, creative lighting techniques such as angled light boxes at the entry can attract visitors to your stand. Colored lighting is another way to go. You can play with a variety of lights to highlight a particular area or brand.

Keep it simple

There is no sense in cluttering the space with a hundred different ideas. This will have a detrimental effect on your booth by making it look messy and uninviting. Keep it elegant and simple.

Why not ask the professional?

When in doubt, go to the experts. After all, if you are investing in the booth, you might as well do it right. While the thought of hiring a professional may pinch, it’s important to remember that he/she has years of experience designing stands; and would definitely be a good investment.

Working with an exhibition specialist can help you plan and design better and achieve your business goal easily. We’re here to help you design your exhibition stand and make it a grand success. At Taylex, we design, create and inspire. We are exhibition and display stand specialists. Our skills are: Stand Design, Stand Construction and Customer Service. Taylex Displays provide turn-key event solutions- we do not manage the whole process; we are the whole process.

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-by Karl Clark