The Story

Grenade are a brand well known for their sports supplements, founded in 2009 they are also one of the fastest growing companies and boast a variety of different products linked to sports and nutrition.



What we did

We approached Grenade to see whether we could be of any assistance for their upcoming events, after a number of phone calls and email conversations Grenade decided they were going to plan a Pop-up shop activation in Shoreditch for what we know as ‘Black Friday‘. This was named ‘Orange Friday’

The planning process began with both companies working in partnership to create and deliver something truly incredible!

We were set the task of designing a shop within a studio and finding ways to showcase all of Grenade’s products. After meetings with Grenade, and our Project Manager working alongside the Grenades Marketing team, Taylex’s creative department came up with the idea of building walling inside the studio. We designed and built a BCAA wall, a Hershey style Pick & Mix wall and an Alcove wall.

Each wall within the shop had its own purpose and advertised a different product, with the alcove wall giving customers a product journey from the beginning until now. 

Our product development team installed a bubble tube display into the BCAA wall which replicated the colours of the amino recovery formula that was being given away as a tester.

We used modern lighting features to really highlight key areas, such as wash lighting for the shop walls, a grenade gobo light and beam lights for the Energy room.