The stands that have the best games at trade shows are the most successful. However, you require gaming ideas that will advertise your product and make it stand out at the convention. Marketers who are good at their game know the importance of having powerful games and contests at the trade fair. It is true that most people love games and get excited when they see them. They feel like participating and even if they don’t take part, they want to be a part of the excitement by watching and sharing the experience with others. And garnering excitement is something that you are striving for when you plan a stand at a convention. Here are some popular gaming ideas for your next convention.

There are many companies that are using social media channels as a strategy at trade shows. So it is a good idea to mix your gaming ideas with social media. You can use a flat-screen TV to showcase the latest tweets with a particular hashtag. Attendees can then be asked to tweet their message using that hashtag. You can add to the excitement by tweeting a winner every hour. Make the prizes exciting.

Some people attend trade fairs because they have been told to by their bosses. All they want to do is have a good time. While they are not exactly desirable customers, they can help attract other customers to your stand. The sight of customers having a good time at the gaming console will attract the attendees to your stand. Nintendo’s Wii is especially popular.

Integrating prize wheels in your display area is the way to go. The reason why a prize wheel works is because it is not only eye-catching but everyone knows what it’s all about. Besides that, free prizes are a great incentive. It is the most effective way to attract attendees to your stand.

An excellent way by which you can educate your visitors is by arranging trivia games. This way you won’t have to rely on signage, brochures or the stand staff to impart knowledge.

These types of games are not only simple but don’t cost much. However, make sure you don’t scrimp on the prizes. You can fill a jar with candy or coins. This is a great way to get the names and addresses of your attendees as they will have to fill in their names before they make a guess about how many pennies are there in the jar.

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