As per statistics of the Center for Exhibition Industry and Research, there are around 13,000 trade shows taking place in the US annually. This is 40% of the global total. With umpteen expos and trade shows that cater to a wide range of products and industries, there is a large selection of trade shows that dot the scene from time to time. There is no arguing that there is rapid growth in manufacturing and technology making it necessary for companies and manufacturers to keep up with the innovation taking place in their chosen field.

There are many trade shows that have gained fame for their innovation and special features. Some of these are the International National Woodworking Fair, the Energy Design Conference and Expo, the IPC Apex Expo and the Design and Manufacturing Pacific Expo. So what makes these trade shows so special? Let’s look at some of their success strategies.

Giving the vendors a chance to speak

What is beneficial to the target audience and the vendor is when the vendor gets a chance to voice his views. There are more odds of the consumers buying a product when they get to hear about its working and see the demonstration. A consumer is more likely to buy a vacuum cleaner if he or she can actually see the finer points of the machine in action. This works better than just glancing at it at the booth. If you cannot accommodate all the vendors at the show, try to club together vendors of similar products to speak in groups. This works just as well.

A trade show that is fun and welcoming

A critical part of a trade show is food. By and large, trade shows are vast places with a lot to do. The attendees are on their feet the whole time, walking around as they take in the different products on display. This is why a cafeteria or caterer works well. Ensure that the food served is simple; sandwiches, rolls, and pizzas or burgers work well. This allows the attendees to get their much-needed food fix. Once you have decided on what kind of food you want to be served, the next step is deciding whether you want the food in buffet or plated. Most trade shows have buffets, however; a plated meal will give your trade show that formal vibe.

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