ADSS Kawasaki - Team Truck

Exhibition Trailer
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ADSS Kawasaki – Team Truck

Exhibition Trailer

When the ADSS sponsored Kawasaki Endurance Team approached us for assistance with their team branding, we were thrilled to take on the challenge.

We collaborated closely with both the team and the main sponsor to craft a unique design that would ensure their standout presence in the pits and on the track. Once we established the desired look and feel, we got to work on enhancing their exhibition trailer’s walling to seamlessly integrate a helmet display, toolboxes, and a viewing window, all tailored to fit their existing framework.

While the team already boasted an impressive exhibition trailer, we brought it up-to-date by wrapping it in a sophisticated 3M matt metallic grey wrap, adorned with their signature green strip and the prominent ADSS logo. As part of our enhancements, we also installed additional mounting points for added convenience during kitchen use.

Now, this team commands attention as one of the top race teams, making a statement both on the track, in the pits, and while on the road!

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