Some hints and tips to help you

Know your objectives…

  • Increase existing products/services in existing markets?
  • Introduce new products/services into existing markets?
  • Introduce existing products/services into new markets?
  • Introduce new products/services into new markets?
  • Introduce the company into existing markets?
  • Introduce the company into new markets?

Own your space

It can be easy for you to get dwarfed or overlooked by bigger-budget stands nearby. However you can stand out without spending money, but by utilising intelligent design.

For example, if you know neighbouring stands are going to be high with lots going on, you can draw attention by having lower features and keeping your space clutter free. Maybe do some- thing with lighting effects or with some audio visual elements for engagement. Stand out by being different!

There were hundreds of stands at Southampton Boat Show this year. Most of them looked pretty similar and were saying similar things. Being different doesn’t cost you anymore and offers a better return on investment!

Feed off your Neighbours

Consider for a moment car dealerships. Usually, you will see that the BMW dealership has an Audi or Mercedes dealership next door. They will be using their best offers and key differentiators to attract their competitors passing traffic, so that it is in all of their interests to be grouped together. You can do the same to the stands around you:

  • Who are they?
  • What will they be offering?
  • What sort of stands are they likely to have?
  • Will they be attracting visitors that you want to talk with?

For example, if you are next to a big budget, 6 metre high stand, embrace this and rather than direct competition, think how can you take advantage of their visitors? What specifically can you offer the same visitors to draw attention to your stand instead?

We’ve helped many companies to take advantage of the traffic from their neighbouring stands, so give us a call now if you want some help with this.

Know your traffic

Depending on where you are, at ExCel or NEC, you are going to get different types of traffic. So, what are you close to?

  • Cafe
  • Toilet
  • Bar
  • Entrance / exit
  • Seminar rooms
  • VIP / hospitality areas •Major sponsors

Each of these areas will generate different types and volumes of traffic past your stand. For example, if you are near to a café, why not try and attract their attention whilst they are seated in the café area.

If you are near a seminar room, you will get large bursts of traffic at predictable times. How can you take advantage of this? Can you theme your stand to reflect topics under discussion in the seminar room? Maybe encourage visitors to vote on contentious issues and collate the results to be sent to them after the show…

Once you know why traffic is coming past your stand, you can devise ways to attract it onto your stand. Every stand we build takes this point (and many others) into account. If you want help get in touch.


The most critical aspect of any booth or stand is the people who will staff it during the course of the show.
Your image doesn’t stop with an elaborate stand, fancy graphics and exhibits or impressive literature. These certainly help, but its people who sell your company and its products or services.

Exhibition staff training is essential for a unified and ultimately successful effort. Choose staffs that are:

  • Enthusiastic
  • Observant
  • Have a good level of product knowledge •Are keen listeners
  • Are empathetic to your stand visitors.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is a subject that is covered at all exhibition halls worldwide to safeguard both you and the show organisers.

In the UK we have to submit full Technical Drawings and provide proof that your stand is compli- ant. If your stand is over 4m tall your stand will be classed as a complex structure which will involve a structural calculations report being completed and sent to the organisers for their perusal.

Taylex has been building stands for 10 years and has built up firm relationships with organisers, health and safety advisors, the traffic police and a number of other representatives who could stop the build of your stand if they had reason to.

Taylex covers the H&S side of your stand completely with our event management services all we need is your event manual log in details.

Think ahead to future shows – store your stand correctly

The exhibition industry has been notorious for a reputation of not being particularly eco-friendly as the shows are only open for a few days. To combat this issue we design our stands with a view to re-using or being able to use the stand in a smaller or larger configuration and offer cost effective 2 or 3 year package deals.

We offer a storage facility so that clients actually save about 25% on the next install. For clients that exhibit 3 or 4 times a year this can be a substantial saving.

Please use the link below to download our FREE guide, alternatively please contact us directly if you would to discuss your exhibition requirements.

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