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From small beginnings, Taylex has always been eager to develop organically, a strategy that has manifested itself today as an eclectic team of professionals, motivated by success.

An ever-expanding client roster, with changing needs, has grown both our customer base and delivery team in size and depth. From painters and electricians to 3D Cad Designers and event specialists, our team is more than adequately qualified to deliver an ever-developing spectrum of client requests.

A post-Covid world has emerged with an almost insatiable demand for bigger and better, a challenge met with flexibility and ingenuity by the entire Taylex group. With a multidisciplinary expanded team, our events offering is not only servicing existing clients but attracting the needs of established and fledgling brands alike.

Our in-house talent, having spent the last 40 years honing their skills within the exhibition, theatre, and events worlds, now come together as a collective, to deliver your event requirements, exceeding your most cherished aspirations. Both domestically and internationally, our teams have serviced some of the world’s leading brands, event production companies and agencies at iconic venues across the globe.

Creative design, coupled with engineering know-how, Taylex is at the forefront of event infrastructure and services overlay, delivering everything from stage and set design, Catwalks and backdrops to the complete realisation of creative environments.

From inception to completion, we are at hand to assist. A true team player… the Taylex Group


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