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Emergency Trailers


Emergency Trailers

Taylex have built hundreds of custom, mission-specific emergency response trailers.

Our complete emergency trailers packages typically include electrical power and lighting, HVAC, supplies and exterior graphics.

Equipment often includes an on-board generator, shelving and a cargo strapping system. ProPac emergency trailer specialists will assist you with every step from design through delivery.

Our custom emergency response trailers may be used as a mobile medical treatment facility, mobile communications center, or disease testing pod (such as covid-19)

Custom trailer’s wide variety of communications capabilities allows for constant contact with different agencies such as the NHS in an emergency or pandemic.

Some of our trailor customisations include –

  • Medical Emergency & Support
  • Mobile Testing Pods
  • Incident Hub
  • Security
  • Breakout Areas
  • Refrigeration (can be used for temporary morgues)
  • Mobile Covid-19 support

Our trailers are ready to go within 3 hours and take less that 3 hours to set up.

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