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Emergency Cover/Emergency Shelters

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Emergency Canopies and Medical Shelters







Emergency Cover / Emergency Shelters

We are able to support hospitals and the medical service by providing emergency medical centres for when additional hospital beds, triage areas and associated services are required.

Our structures are suitable for temporary hospitals, temporary medical structures, triage rooms, or any other kind of temporary medical facility.

In addition we can provide emergency canopies / awnings for use in drive through COVID-19 testing programmes. These services are available at very short  notice with free quotations on request.

Our emergency structures have the following benefits:

Stored in the UK for rapid installation
Flexible design in width length and height
Pressure tested environments
Insulated wall panelling and secure access doors
Full fit out, including the choice of non-slip floor coverings, water supply, electricity, lighting, toilets, HVAC (heating and air conditioning)
Option to relocate at any time

Current Project Concepts

1. Temporary Triage Structure

– Area for verification before entering hospitals
– Clean and dirty flow of people and equipment
– Multiple rooms for triage of people before allowing access to hospital
– Capacity to adapt to the needs of each hospital


2. Temporary Drive Through Testing Canopy / Cover

Temporary Emergency Structures

When an emergency strikes, a speedy response is vital and we are specialists in providing emergency shelters, cover and temporary structures quickly.

If a fire has destroyed an existing building and you need a temporary replacement, or a natural disaster has meant a pop-up medical building is required, we can provide bespoke temporary structures to cater for these occasions.

It is possible to for us to erect these structures very quickly after being contacted, while still being able to assure the strength and quality of the buildings, so you don’t need to worry about the roof above your head when dealing with the emergency in hand.

There are a variety of different options available for our structures and can provide the exact space you need.

We can offer windows, hard or carpeted flooring, temperature control and a variety of wall and roof types which can be taken into consideration when designing and preparing the perfect structure to help deal with your emergency.


Temporary Walling

With a wide range of modular profiles available, Taylex walls can be used for a multitude of applications.

Taylex temporary walls are ideal for Hygenic quickly built private areas.

WATCH: NHS Building Example

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