Two Tier Exhibition Stands

Create maximum impact with an exhibition stand across two levels.

Two Tier Exhibition Stands

Cost-Effective Double Deck Stands

Double-decker or two-storey exhibition stands are a massive visual showcase for any brand that wants to get noticed! Couple this with Eye-catching visuals and graphic designs incorporated into your brand and it’s the perfect recipe for attracting customers and leaving a lasting impression.

One of the main benefits of two-story or upper-tier stands is the capability for you as an exhibitor to engage in private meetings away from the noise and footfall of the lower tier. This massive increase in stand floor space created by the “double-decker stand” boasts the ability to create private areas, such as meeting booths, VIP lounges, product demonstration areas, receptions, and even a coffee shop! With Taylex behind you to bring your imagination and creative design to life, the possibilities are endless.

Planning a Two Tier Stand

Taylex have years of experience in the technical design and construction of double decker stands along with vast experience of bespoke exhibition stands, we’ve pretty much built them all.

Our customers can be confident we will assist in the planning and health and safety sign-off procedures that may be required when planning your exhibition, just another reason Taylex has become the go to partner for Exhibitions and Events.


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