Two Tier Exhibition Stands

Create maximum impact with an exhibition stand across two levels.

Two Tier Exhibition Stands

It’s not always possible to extend the floor space for your exhibition. So why not increase your exhibition space by going on two floors?

Double deck stands are obviously much bigger! So, it really allows you to stand out in a busy exhibition space. The additional height provides more branding impact, giving you greater visibility across the venue.

Choosing a double deck allows you to do much more with your exhibition space to cover all your exhibiting needs; for example:

Ground Floor: an inviting space for visitors, product display, demo areas etc.  

First Floor: This level can become a defined space with a change in pace, perfect for; meeting rooms, VIP hospitality, and networking.

If you have a double deck it allows for increased design and creativity, with more room to make an impact, with more product and branding space to display.

Double Deck stands are also cost-efficient as the addition of a second floor comes at a more economic rate.

SoftGamings bematrix system
SoftGamings bematrix system
SoftGamings bematrix system

Planning a Two Tier Stand

Taylex have years of experience in the technical design and construction of double decker stands along with vast experience of bespoke exhibition stands, we’ve pretty much built them all.

Our customers can be confident we will assist in the planning and health and safety sign-off procedures that may be required when planning your exhibition, just another reason Taylex has become the go to partner for Exhibitions and Events.

beMatrix Double Deck Stands

No limits on your creativity with our beMatrix Double Deck Stands

beMatrix Double Deck Stands. The world of stand-building never ceases to evolve. Stands become increasingly large in size, and more conspicuous, with influences from the AV sector demanding more bearing capacity of the actual structures.

Since beMatrix closely monitors trends in the industry, we offer another great solution: Xtreme solutions. The sky is the limit, literally. Towering stands, large spans, … it’s all possible now!

BeMatrix Double Deck Stands

Some of our Double Deck Stand Work

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