ICE London 2023
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Digitain – ICE London

Maxim and Taylex have worked together on several high-profile projects, the latest being for Maxim’s client Digitain at ICE London.

Digitain asked Maxim to design an experience that conveyed their size, advanced technology and showed them ‘ready to conquer new horizons’. Due to the scale and ambitious design, Taylex were the obvious choice to build this epic environment for the leading global gaming event that is ICE London.

Taylex’s client services team worked in close collaboration throughout the project with Maxim and the clients at Digitain, ensuring this strategically important and ambitious project was successfully delivered to exacting high standards and expectations. The project was underpinned by Taylex’s technical and engineering team working together to create a solution with the desired impact and aligned with the client’s budget.

What we did

Built around our own double deck structure, we created a 6m high structure housing conference rooms accessed through pulsating light tunnels, creating a real sense of occasion. From the demo displays to the large circular bar to the huge internally lit Digitain logo suspended above the space, everything was bespoke fabricated by Taylex to make this project really special.

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