Commonwealth Games

Birmingham 2022 - Build
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Commonwealth Games

An international multi-sport event for members of the Commonwealth of Nations and territories recently took place in Birmingham, England.

Taylex Group, fielded a multi-disciplinary team of their own, a group of true professionals working towards a common goal, a games to be proud of!

Whilst being on our doorstep the varied nature of the constituent events, brought inherent logistical challenges to the Organising Body and subsequently The Taylex Team.

Commonwealth Games - Birmingham 2022
Commonwealth Games - Birmingham 2022

What we did

From tribunes in the newly commissioned Aquatics Centre, to design and manufacture of “Continuous Public Access Handrail“  at outdoor Hockey, no task was too arduous.

From graphics branding support, to grandstand overlay at squash, our crews worked hand in hand with temporary structures supplier “Arena“ to deliver a games to be applauded and a team to be remembered, team Taylex.

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