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Taylex Group recently partnered with CameraMatics at the Commercial Vehicle Show, the UK’s premier event for road freight transport, distribution, and logistics. CameraMatics offers a cutting-edge SaaS fleet management solution utilizing advanced AI technologies to bolster safety and streamline fleet operations.

The Commercial Vehicle Show, established in 2000, is renowned as the largest and most comprehensive event of its kind in the UK. It attracts commercial vehicle manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and numerous sector suppliers.

In 2024, the CV Show promises to be the pinnacle event of the year, with over 300 exhibitors showcasing their brands and products to a vast audience of potential customers.

CameraMatics - Commercial Vehicle Show - Taylex Group

Taylex Group provided support to CameraMatics in creating an impressive exhibition stand. Complete with a large LED wall, meeting areas, and demonstration spaces equipped with TV screens, the stand also featured a vehicle display highlighting CameraMatics’ accident prevention products. These products include AI-powered 360-degree cameras, driver monitoring systems, collision avoidance systems, and comprehensive data analysis, all seamlessly managed through a unified platform.

The stand was adorned with large illuminated banding and graphic walls, resulting in a simple yet highly effective space for CameraMatics to engage with attendees. You can learn more about CameraMatics and their products here: Fleet Management System & GPS Tracking Dashcam – CameraMatics

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