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Betby – ICE London

Taylex Group has had the pleasure of working with Betby on their exhibition stands since 2020 and ICE London 2023 was this year’s instalment. As one of the main events in the iGaming industry, Taylex knew They had to create a stand that not only looked great but also effectively communicated Betby’s message to event attendees.

BETBY is a regular attendee and for all previous years, this visit became an all-time high in many terms. Taylex Group built on last year’s stand to keep the iconic Betby look, eye-catching and clinical with a cool edge. The central bar counter welcomed small talks with a cup of freshly-brewed coffee and glassy cubicles on the stands edges called for multiperson meetings, which were in abundance.

Betby - ICE London 2023
Betby - ICE London 2023


This year, the artistic caricatures – the main showstopper that already became BETBY’s trademark – skyrocketed in popularity severalfold. Invited artists have drawn 170 cartoonish portraits in a course of a three-day exhibition. And the flock of interested didn’t thin out till the last hour.

Elmira Pertsovskaya, External Relations Manager at BETBY says: The Taylex team was always responsive to our feedback and worked diligently to make any necessary adjustments or modifications. They also took care of all the logistical details, making the entire process seamless and stress-free for us. We look forward to broadening our partnership in the future beyond the UK borders.

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