Competing with other brands at a trade show is not an easy task. Every stand that you go to has some or the other activity taking place to attract visitors. It can take the form of graphics, illumination, freebies and other such distractions that can succeed in keeping the visitors away from coming to your stand. So how do you manage to attract the attention of visitors to your stand when there are umpteen vibrant stands in the exhibition hall? Most exhibitors are on a perpetual search for effective means to beat their competitors at their own game. If you want to attract more customers for your next trade event, follow these simple but effective tips.

Contact your existing clients

It is wrong to assume that your existing clients will make an appearance at your stand. To make sure that they drop in, offer them giveaways. In all likelihood, their ‘goodie bags’ will be full of key chains and mementos collected from other stands. It is also possible that most of this ‘junk’ will land in the garbage bin once they reach home. To make sure that this doesn’t happen with your giveaway, give them something that is innovative and worth hanging on to, like coffee mugs or portable chargers. Another way to go about it is to offer your valued customers discounts on your services and goods. This will succeed in making the client feel special and valued.

Have a talk with the event manager

Have a chat with the event organizer before the event so that he understands the requirements and the nature of your business. The position of your stand can be critical for attracting your target audience. Select the best possible location for your stand, keeping your budget in mind.

Engaging visitors with games

Games work better when it comes to engaging your visitors. Giveaways, while an attraction, can sometimes be ineffective as the visitor will visit your booth just to collect the freebie and forget about you as they disappear.

Contacting trade publications before the event

When it comes to promoting your business, trade publications are the way to go. Get in touch with them, long before your event. You can share any interesting news that you have with their writers and editors and can discuss your new product with them. You may not realize it but many journalists are open to pitches regarding new products in the concerned industry. If required, spare a bit of your budget for coverage in a trade publication. Remember, even if it’s just a mention in a small column, it can end up being quite lucrative for you.

Checking out your competition

Lastly, it’s important to check out your competitors. Check the Facebook page of your competitor and see what their stand looked like in the last exhibition. Rather than aping the impressive stand, go for something that no one is doing. If your competitor was flashy and over the top, go for something small and personalized.

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