True Heroes Racing: Motorcycle Live 2023

True Heroes Racing: Motorcycle Live 2023

Motorcycle Live 2023 roared to life with an electrifying spirit, showcasing the heart and soul of the motorcycle community. For True Heroes Racing, a unique force within this event, was a testament to resilience, camaraderie, and unwavering support for a cause that transcends the track.

A collaborative effort with Taylex Group paved the way for an awe-inspiring stand that became the epicenter for conversations about the impactful activities conducted with Wounded, Injured, and Sick UK Service personnel and Veterans.

The partnership with Taylex Group emerged serendipitously, a chance encounter during the 2022 Motorcycle Live that unfolded into a commitment to build a stand for True Heroes Racing in 2023. Karl Clark, moved by the organisation’s mission, delivered on his promise, gifting True Heroes Racing a professional and visually striking platform. This stand not only showcased an array of race bikes, including Ducati, Suzuki, and Kawasaki but also featured a uniquely airbrushed Military-dedicated Harley Davidson known as the “Tour of Duty” bike.

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We speak to the team about the importance of this year’s exhibition stand at Motorcycle Live…

True Heroes Racing - Taylex Group

Can you share your overall impression and experience of Motorcycle Live this year, especially considering the unique circumstances and challenges that the event may have presented?

Motorcycle Live this year was great for us…it was a challenge getting everything in place to make the most of the awesome pitch MCIA gifted True Heroes Racing, but the support of a number of supporting companies like Taylex made it possible. It enabled us to have a great-looking stand, in a great location and chat with more people about the beneficiary activities we conduct with those from the Wounded, Injured and Sick UK Service personnel and veteran communities.

Taylex Group played a pivotal role in designing and building your exhibition stand for free. How did this collaboration come about, and how has their support enhanced your presence at the event?

Our relationship with Taylex came about by chance during a social event at the 2022 Motorcycle Live where I and another beneficiary from the organisation shared a taxi with Karl and his Wife. When she asked why we were at the show and then what True Heroes Racing was all about we began to explain, and she was taken aback. At this point, Karl pledged to build us a stand if we did the show again in 2023 and he was more than true to his word. What this meant was that for the 2023 show, we were able to have a professionally built stand and the presence that goes with that.

The True Heroes Racing stand features a variety of race bikes, including Ducati, Suzuki, and Kawasaki, along with a uniquely airbrushed Military dedicated Harley Davidson. Can you tell us about the significance of these bikes and how they contribute to conveying the message of True Heroes Racing?

There were several of our race bikes on display at MCL that showed the visitors to out stand a selection of the bikes we compete on with our beneficiaries. There was also the “Tour of Duty” bike which is a Harley Davidson that was created back in 2010 as a dedication to Service personnel that is covered with air-brushed artwork depicting military images that has been used to raise funds for charities and organisations that support the UK military and veteran communities. 

Beyond showcasing the motorcycles, how has the exhibition stand provided a platform for visitors to engage with the team and learn more about the mission and activities of True Heroes Racing?

Exactly that, at a motorcycle-focused event with 10s of thousands of visitors over its 9 days we were able to engage F2F with both people who were aware of True Heroes Racing and those who were not. This enabled an increase in awareness and hopefully may lead to those who could potentially benefit from becoming involved with us becoming aware of opportunities available to them.

The True Heroes Racing team is known for being the FIRST and ONLY Motorcycle Race Team dedicated to supporting Wounded, Injured, and Sick UK Service personnel and veterans. How has this distinctive identity been communicated through the exhibition stand and the overall presentation at Motorcycle Live?

By having a great visual presence at MCL 2023 we were able to communicate our message directly to show visitors, many of whom came to chat with volunteers from the team manning the stand over the 9 days of the show.

In what ways has the Motorcycle Live event allowed True Heroes Racing to connect with a wider audience and potentially attract support for your cause?

Even after 10+ years of existence, many people from inside and outside the motorcycle community are not aware of True Heroes Racing and the achievements we have. So, attending MCL and having a presence that attracted show visitors to our stand enabled a wider audience to become aware of our activities in support of the beneficiary demographic we support.

Carl Fogarty - True Heroes Racing

Merchandise sales are mentioned as a way to show support and fund unique activities. How has the response been from visitors in terms of purchasing official merchandise, and what impact does this have on supporting your organisation’s initiatives?

Many visitors to our stand, both new followers and existing ones, purchased official merchandise from our stand at MCL. Merchandise sales are a great revenue stream to assist with funding the beneficiary activities we provide.

The peer group therapy opportunities provided by True Heroes Racing are a unique aspect of the team. How have you been able to communicate this aspect to the Motorcycle Live audience, and what kind of feedback have you received?

By being able to chat to visitors to our stand at MCL we were able to explain the unique beneficiary activities we provide. People were so supportive of what we do, showing this in a variety of ways; buying merchandise, making donations or just verbally giving messages of support to those they spoke with.

Looking forward, how do you see the experience at Motorcycle Live contributing to the future goals and visibility of True Heroes Racing, especially considering the partnership with Taylex Group?

It has been great to develop a partnership with Taylex and benefit from their support and that of their partners. Hopefully, if we are afforded the opportunity to exhibit again in 2024 they will continue to support us and create us a unique visible presence.

Finally, what message would you like to convey to those who visited your stand at Motorcycle Live and those who may have learned about True Heroes Racing for the first time during the event?

Firstly, we like to thank all those involved in having a presence and who visited us at MCL 23. It was great chat to with so many people and increase awareness of our message and beneficiary activities. It was also great to be visited by so many motorcycling celebrities who also publicly showed their support for True Heroes Racing.