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Taylex Group Crafts Careers Through Apprenticeships

Taylex Group Crafts Careers Through Apprenticeships

In celebration of National Apprenticeships Week (5th – 11th February), Taylex Group Owner / Founder Karl Clark discusses the importance of educating and nurturing the skillsets of the next generation…

On how apprenticeship experiences impact leadership:

“In my role as Owner of Taylex Group, witnessing first-hand the transformational impact of apprenticeships on both our organisation and the apprentices themselves has been incredibly rewarding. An apprenticeship experience that stands out involved mentoring a young individual who demonstrated exceptional growth and innovation. This journey not only highlighted the potential of apprenticeships to unlock talent but also reinforced my commitment to integrating these programs deeply into our culture. It shaped my leadership approach emphasising the nurturing of potential and fostering an environment where continuous learning is valued.”

On the role apprenticeships play in professional development:

“At Taylex Group, we believe apprenticeships are crucial for professional development because they offer a structured yet flexible path for gaining practical experience, mastering new skills, and understanding industry standards. This hands-on approach accelerates learning and prepares individuals for the complexities of their roles. Apprenticeships embody our commitment to developing a skilled workforce that is well-equipped to meet the challenges of our industry, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation and excellence. The fact that currently we have both a Workshop Foreman as a Project Manager, both of whom started as apprentices, now in full-time, permanent roles is testament to this.”

Taylex Group Crafts Careers Through Apprenticeships

On what it takes to be a successful apprentice:

“In selecting apprentices, we prioritise curiosity, resilience and a strong work ethic. We seek individuals who are eager to learn, open to feedback and capable of applying their knowledge in practical settings. Our selection process involves a combination of interviews, practical assessments, and team interactions to gauge not only the technical skills but also how well candidates align with Taylex Group’s values and culture. This comprehensive approach helps us identify those who are most likely to thrive in our apprenticeship programs and contribute positively to our team. We aim to take on a new apprentice each year, resulting in three apprentices in the business at any one time.”

On building mentoring relationships:

“To ensure that the apprentice-mentor relationship remains mutually beneficial, we emphasise clear communication, goal setting and regular feedback sessions. We encourage mentors to share their knowledge and experiences openly, while also learning from the new. It’s refreshing to implement potential new ways of working, identify trends that benefit business growth, technologies that can speed up processes as well as immerse ourselves in the interests of the younger team members, By fostering a collaborative and supportive environment, we ensure that both parties feel valued and engaged throughout the apprenticeship, leading to a more productive and enriching experience for everyone involved.”

On ensuring inclusivity:

“At Taylex Group, y within our apprenticeship programs. We strive to create an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and career aspirations feel welcomed and supported. This includes tailoring our training and mentorship approaches to meet the unique needs of each apprentice, ensuring equal opportunities for learning and growth, and actively working to eliminate barriers to participation. By embracing diversity, we enrich our workplace culture and drive innovation within our teams.”

On offering advice to aspiring apprentices:

“To aspiring professionals embarking on apprenticeships, my advice is to embrace every learning opportunity with openness and determination. Be proactive in seeking feedback, willing to take on challenges, and adaptable to change. Remember that apprenticeships are not just about acquiring skills but also about personal growth and professional networking. The principles that have guided me throughout my career include a commitment to lifelong learning, the importance of resilience, and the value of building meaningful relationships. These will serve you well in your apprenticeship and beyond.”

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