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Exhibition and Display Stand Specialists.

Display Stand Manufacturing

With over 80 years combined experience, our core team of carpenters are true masters of their craft.
Once you have signed off your stand design, technical drawings are then produced and passed to the organisers of the show for approval. Once this is granted the drawings are passed to the shop floor where a carpenter is assigned the task of manufacturing your stand. By doing this Taylex ensure that the high quality of the stand is maintained throughout manufacture.
The industry as a whole is bound by the exhibition organisers rules and regulations on materials used for building your stand. We are not allowed to use any material which is in anyway flammable, this means all the wood used has to specially bought in and must show the fire proof markings from the manufacturers.
If materials used are not marked, then fire tests have to be carried out, sometimes we can use fire proof paint and certificate ourselves.

Once completed, your stand then goes through our 10 point quality control check and is passed to surface finishing where it is either painted or laminated depending on specification.

It is then packaged and stored in our storage facility before being transported to the exhibition hall for inatallation.

Bespoke Exhibition Stand Furniture

Bespoke Furniture

This includes counters, shelving, display units normally made from MDF. This material is used for its ease of workability and comes in various thicknesses but the dust is dangerous to breathe in so face masks have to be worn.

Once the units are made they are either finished in paint, to the clients pantone colours or laminate, which is like your kitchen worktops and comes in various colours or wood effect, but cannot be match exactly to pantone colours.

Exhibition Stand Flooring

No Platform: If the client wishes to keep costs down, carpet can be laid direct to hall floor.
50mm Platform: this is constructed by laying 2×1 strips of wood at spaced intervals over the stand floor space and then chipboard sheets laid on top of that screwed down. The carpet is laid on top of the chipboard and stapled all round the edge to stop rippling, and around the stapled edge is screwed 50mm aluminium angle to make a nice edged finish.
100mm platform is made as above but higher floor blocks are used instead of the 2×1 wood strips. If the client wishes to go with this option we have to put ramps into the stand for wheel chair access.

The raised flooring will allow wiring to be laid under the floor and make the look of the stand more pleasing if power is needed to be in the middle of the stand. If the client has carpet direct to hall floor any wiring has come from above in the form of headers around the stand to hide ugly wiring.

Exhibition Stand Flooring Options
Exhibition Stand Walls

Display Stand Walls

These can be various height:
2.4 meters for building inside Shell Schemes
3.0 meters normal height for space only stands
4.0 meters high if the client wants to noticed above the normal and is the lowest height at which you do not need calculations done.

5.0 meters high for extremely large stands , but the organisers do need calculations carried out by Structural Engineers to ensure the stand will with stand wind through the halls and will not fall down.

Unfortunately this does add a considerable cost to the clients stand.

Double Deck Exhibition Stands

These are very expensive and are only requested by bigger companies to show their position in the show as a leading company.
To build this type of stand is like building a small house with the use of steel RSJ’s to hold up the upper deck. Calculations again have to completed and signed off by the organisers before build can start.

Taylex hire the steel work and try to meet the clients requirement from stands built previously to keep down the costs and have confidence that the steel work has been built before.

The beauty of this type of stand is that you can double your floor space on the same exhibition foot print and have the kitchen and meeting room upstairs leaving the ground floor for exhibiting product.

Two level exhibition stands - Two decks exhibition stands
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