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Company Convention - Paris
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Burger King

At Taylex Group, we’re always pushing our belief in the power of partnerships and collaboration. Working with world-class agencies and brands to bring innovative stand builds and event spaces to life.

Working with the Freeman EMEA team in Paris at the Burger King Convention was a pivotal moment for Burger King to bring together its international community to share, innovate, and build culture. Taylex Group was behind the build and delivery of the Burger King restaurant for the event!

It was so rewarding to see so many smiling faces and to have the opportunity to create an environment that inspires both learning and play. It’s also a testament to the impressive projects that can be built in a short timeframe.

In-person events have never been so valuable, and effective internal culture can account for over a 20% increase in corporate performance, can retain employees, and accelerate innovation! Get in touch with us to see how we can help your future events!

Burger King Convention - Paris

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