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ASUS Education

Taylex Group had the pleasure of supporting Toucan Exhibitions on this show-stopping exhibition stand for ASUS UK at BETT 2023.

BETT was back at ExCeL London for another edition of its Educational Training and Technology Show. Over the 3 day event, there were over 30,000 attendees from 123+ countries and an impressive 600+ innovative EdTech companies exhibiting, making this one of the biggest Education Technology exhibitions in the world.

ASUS UK Exhibition Stand Design Bett UK 2023
ASUS UK Exhibition Stand Design Bett UK 2023

What we did

Boasting the only double-deck stand at the show, ASUS wanted to create a tech-filled and clean environment to showcase their industry-leading products. Every inch of the stand was brimming with LED lighting and AV, and packed plenty of natural and floral elements. Featuring an 8 m2 sustainable living wall, and a high-level video wall, this stand stood its ground in the hall and attracted attention from all who visited the show.

The ASUS UK double deck stand was a huge 153 m2 in size and took over 230 Total crew build hours to finish. The expertise of Taylex Group led by the spotless project management from Toucan Exhibitions ensured this project was impeccable at every stage.

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